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Committed to building a stronger Chattanooga that works for all.

Bill Lloyd

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, we will vote for a Chattanooga City Council to lead us for the next 4 years.

Let's work together to build a great future!

Tornado damage


The acid test of our elected representatives is how they respond when crisis strikes.  After this past year with the global pandemic and a tornado that devastated our district, we have the opportunity to elect to the Chattanooga City Council more responsive district representation.


With the severe impact of both COVID and the tornado in our district and our city, we have the opportunity to come together to determine what resources we need to restore our families, our businesses, and our economy to build a stronger, more resilient city.

Chattanooga downtown


Our city rightfully proclaims itself Gig City leading with 21st century technology…while we drive on 20th century roads.  The Chattanooga City Council has the opportunity to upgrade and pave roads that have long been neglected.


We have all mastered the art of talking at and over each other.  With the challenges we have all faced, we have the opportunity to rediscover what it means to listen, to have real dialogue, and perhaps find new ideas to address age-old concerns.


My Vision:

  • Our elected representatives should proactively reach out to those severely impacted by crisis situations. Our representatives should establish a proactive pathway for ongoing communication not just in times of crisis but to keep district residents up to date on issues and matters before city government.
  • Let’s bring together representatives of faith communities, social service and not-for-profit agencies, businesses, and citizens at large to understand the needs and resources necessary to restore economic stability and ultimately return to economic growth.
  • The continued growth of Chattanooga depends on a transportation system that not only meets our current needs but accounts for growth and the city we seek to become. We can find the will to prioritize upgrading and paving deteriorating and obsolete roads. As part of this we need to address our public transportation system and what is needed to properly serve those of our citizens and neighborhoods whose ability to provide is burdened by the lack of adequate transportation.
  • Chattanooga, like many cities across the country, has wrestled for decades with the same issues. We’ve reached so much polarization that we will not hear anyone with a different view or opinion.  We’ve all staked our flags.  As a result, dialogue that could result in creative, new ideas has been squashed.  Are we able to step back, create an environment where we actually listen, discuss without judgement and find potentially impactful new ideas and partnerships that will actually address concerns? 

My Resume:

  • Having lost our home in the April tornado, I understand what it means to need help. I also understand what it means to be there to help others.
  • A 40+ year career in banking, listening to and working with entrepreneurs and privately owned businesses has given me a strong background in what works in the economy and what doesn’t.
  • I have spent the last 30+ years advocating for and working with organizations that provide support for children and adults with disabilities.
  • My volunteer work has also focused on education – early childhood education, especially for those children in underserved populations and children with disabilities.
  • I previously was elected to and served on the Board of Education of a large public school district in Illinois.

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